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We are a fully integrated company that offers customizable services for all your Residential, Commercial & Industrial Cleaning, Janitorial, and Construction and Restoration needs. Please explore our site and see for yourself some services we offer! Please feel free to CONTACT US for information on the services we offer and to address any questions you may have!

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Calgary Carpet Cleaning: Putting the Heat on Dirt Calgary locals knows thst stained carpet is an eyesore, unless you're one of those people who enjoys stains because they are memories. Wash over the past with the skills and expertise of our IICRC certified and professional Calgary carpet cleaning technician! Your carpet and rugs act as a “filter” in your home for your indoor air. Their fibers “grab” particulates and contaminants and hold them. But like any filter, it needs to be cleaned because when it gets full it cannot grab anything else … and every time you step on a “full” filter you release contaminants back into the air. Cleaning your carpet is key to a healthy indoor environment, and the EPA’s guidelines for cleaning from every four months to every eighteen months depending on the number of people and pets in the home, as well as other concerns from allergic sensitivities to how dusty the air is in your neighborhood to whether anyone in the home smokes. Here in Calgary and Neighbouring Area, Our Calgary-based carpet cleaning professional can evaluate your particular needs, and with the right equipment and cleaning solutions, we can fulfill those needs for you and your family. As our Certified techs re-fluff your carpets and your vacuum weeps in envy, learn how they work their magic with this guide to steam cleaning. Although steam can be an effective cleaning tool, when pros talk about steam-cleaning a carpet, they're usually talking about a process technically known as hot-water extraction. That's because steam—which occurs when water reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit under normal conditions—is simply too powerful for many residential jobs, posing a risk of damage or shrinkage to some kinds of carpet fibers. Fortunately, water usually only needs to be heated to around 140 degrees to kill most of the microorganisms that can live in a carpet and cause odors. Our skilled Certified Carpet Cleaning technician will know what range of temperatures is ideal for any given fiber. Whether it's a rolling model or a massive van-mounted machine, a carpet cleaner has three important elements: 1) a heating device, 2) water jets, and 3) vacuum suction. As the water is heated, it will sometimes be mixed with detergent, but one of the benefits of steam cleaning is the fact that soap isn’t necessarily a must—pressurized jets can reach deep into fibers to get at grime. A vacuum hose then pulls most of the liquid back into the machine, though some dampness will linger in the carpet. Our Certified Calgary Carpet Cleaning Technicians Are Ready To Serve You And Make Your Carpet Cleaned And Restored To Its Glory!
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